Transaction advisory services

Company Transformations

We have extensive experience in conducting business transformations. We provide mergers, spin-offs and other business combinations.

How we differ from our competitors?

For each project, one of the partners with whom you primarily communicate is responsible. This partner coordinates the project as a whole including experts, notaries and lawyers. So you can leave all the worries connected with the project on us.

Our Experience

We have extensive experience in transforming companies with a turnover of millions to tens of billions Czech Crowns.

Transactions, due diligence

In case you are going to buy a new company, we will carry out a complete financial and tax due diligence for you, we will also prepare legal due diligence in cooperation with our partner law firm. You always communicate with one partner responsible for the project as a whole.

Would you like to buy a company in Central Europe?

Central Europe is fast growing and stable region of the European Union. For its unique history and economic transformation it still offers attractive investment opportunities. Central Europe combines above average revenues with relatively low and manageable risks.

Thanks to our wide network of business partners we are able to find a suitable target for you. We are able to find targets not only in The Czech Republic but also in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

Who are our clients?

We provide due diligence in the areas of wholesale, healthcare, engineering and IT. Smallest diligence we provided was in the range of several millions Czech Crowns. The biggest diligence we provide are in the range of several billions of Czech Crowns.

What is a key for our performance?

Knowledge of the industry in which the target company operates which enables us to perform a detailed risk analysis. We have extensive experience in wholesale, healthcare, engineering and IT. We provide our expertise with an appropriate combination of team members, with experts not only involved in transactions, but also audits of companies in the industry, from where we draw detailed knowledge of industry specificities and related risks.

Services for foreign advisors

We have also experience in cooperating with advisors from abroad for which we provide our diligence services in the Czech Republic as subcontractors.