International clients

We provide specialized services for clients that are starting or already having their business in The Czech Republic.

If you want to do business in The Czech Republic you don’t have to care about any administration matters and dealing with authorities. We do these necessary things for you. You can purely focus on your business. Thanks to our on line solutions you will have unlimited access to your data and company’s financial figures wherever and whenever you want. We satisfy your needs in the field of assurance, accounting and tax. We closely cooperate with our partner law office. You can use our services in The Czech Republic and more than 20 other countries where we have our partner firms.

We set up a company for you and design effective tax structure. We will handle all matters at the authorities.

We  care about all the administration matters:

  • accounting
  • taxes
  • financial reporting
  • audit

and you have enough time for your business

If you are going to buy the company in The Czech Republic. We provide complete due diligence for you.

Our clients are companies from Korea, Austria, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovakia and other countries.